It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on Zach. I haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving, but I call him weekly. Zach’s still going strong. He’s had 11 or 12 radiation treatments and has 4 more next week. He would be finished already, but he was readmitted to the hospital because of a kidney stone (what a relief it wasn’t something more serious). His still on chemo, but he’ll be done with radiation by Christmas. After that, I think that the doctors will re-evaluate his condition, but I’m not sure.

When I called Zach tonight, he was busy decorating the Christmas tree with his family. We only talked a minute but his spirits are up and he said he’s feeling better - a little stronger, but not ready to get back on the bike. I’m going up to see Zach after Christmas, and will write an update again then.

Zach could still use our prayers.

Merry Christmas.

Michael Hallstrom

Home For the Holidays

Zach we are glad you are home. It must be good to be cutting pie and to even sleep in your own bed. Keep getting better.

lance poster

Zach Is Home

We’ve got one big thing to thank the Lord for: Zach is home! Zach returned home from the hospital today. He has to go to a hospital five days a week for radiation treatments and has a ton of pills to take, but at least he’s home. The three weeks of radiation will be rough, but the doctors hope that the by radiating his tumor, his liver will regain some function. After the 15 treatments, they will reevaluate the situation. He may be taking chemo with the radiation, I don’t know.

Anyway, the good news is Zach is home for now. He is still very weak and has a long road to recovery, so let’s continue to give him our support and prayers. But please know that Zach’s spirits are up and he’s already trying to get back into shape. And knowing Zach he’s already thinking of doing more triathlons. He is able to receive calls on his cell phone too, so drop him a line.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Hallstrom

Hey, a new friend of mine named Leah was able to get ZHOPE a little publicity on an internet radio program called “The Stupid Cancer Show”. The show is part of an organization for cancer survivors 18-40 yrs-old called “I’m Too Young for This”. To hear Zach’s plug, follow this link, go to the Oct 29 radio show and fast forward to the 15 min. mark: We’re going to have a full-15-20 minute interview on the show on March 31.

Currently, Zach is needing as many prayers from everyone as possible. He looks like he is going to have Radiation treatment in the coming month. He is working hard but still needs help through this tough time. But, as always Zach is in great spirits as you can see below.

Zach Boxing in the Hospital

Zach Training in the Hospital

Zach’s condition is very serious. He’s in a hospital in Rochester waiting for a new liver. If he doesn’t get one soon, he’ll die. Yet, even with these obstacles he is still optimistic. During the summer, he did multiple 5K races, five triathlons, and a 100-mile bike ride. He did all this with a tumor on his liver the size of two large grapefruits and while on chemotherapy. When Zach recovers he’s going to continue to do triathlons. Eventually, he hopes to do a cross country bike trip to raise money for a cancer charity like the Lance Armstrong Foundation. and the Zach DeRidder Foundation were created to help Zach realize his dream of biking across the U.S. But Zach can’t get in the ring with the bike ride until he knocks out his cancer. Please pray for Zach and his family during this time of need.

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